Date: 2009-05-19 12:51 am (UTC)
Bellatrix! And I quote:

My favorite character in the series changes with the weather and my mood. The late April weather here is gorgeous, but the only warm feeling I�m in the mood for today is that of abundant admiration. At the time of writing this answer, Bellatrix Lestrange is my favorite character. The first time I �met� her I found her awful at best, horrifying at worst. That opinion of her has not changed; if I knew her in real life I�d avoid her (avoiding being better than working to keep her happy, of course; I need some dignity, after all). However, I have added to my opinion of her now that I�ve had time to reflect upon her character. I like a lot of what I see. She is perceptive: anybody who can see through Snape�s act as Bellatrix did in HBP earns my vote. She is jealous: I suspect that part of the reason why she could see through Snape so well is because she�s been watching him for so long, wondering why the hell it�s Snape who has the most of Voldemort�s attention and not she, when she is the one who sacrificed fifteen years in Azkaban on Voldemort�s behalf while Snape lived in relative comfort. (I can�t see why someone wouldn�t be jealous of Snape after going through that.) She�s clearly devoted, and if someone fought for me and went to jail for me the way Bellatrix does for Voldemort, that person would be my right-hand man. I can relate to her desire to be the favorite; as much as Bellatrix craves the most of Voldemort�s attention, I�ve wanted to be the first one Thomas turned to, rather than the second. (In my opinion, second place is the absolute worst place to be.) And Bellatrix, I think, is fairly uncomplicated. It really isn�t hard to figure her out or understand her, and that is refreshing in a series filled with angsty, complicated characters.

All of that, and if I could pick anyone in the world, fiction or real, to be on my side for a fight, I�d go with Bellatrix. Yes, she�s a kick-ass fighter, but more than that, she comes so alive in fighting that I�ve found it impossible to not watch her (or read her, as the case may be) and catch some of that energy that practically radiates off of her. And, letting go of all seriousness for one moment, she�d provide some incredible entertainment. Surely I�m not the only one who laughed when she goaded Harry into that kind of anger in the OotP movie?

But really, I don't think it occured to anyone to sort me based on my fave character. In all actuality, people couldn't agree where to sort me. I've noticed that most applicants get a near-unanimous vote for one house with some variation here and there, but my votes were quite diverse:

Slytherin 43
Gryffindor 26
Ravenclaw 16
Hufflepuff 9
Squib 5 :p

So, ya know... I'm not completely green!
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